Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The old man-AlottaDust

This is our Thorobred, Dusty. At 33, he is no longer ridden and we affectionately call him a lawn ornament. Pictured here, he was 28. Not bad looking for an old guy, hmm? By the way...we took first place in this class.

Ahhh...the good life

Attack of the Killer Corgi

This happens...alot.

Thinking of Charlie

He was our first shorty, and we miss him. Charlie was never a big fan of snow...well, deep snow.

Snow plow

Every one should have a pet that makes them laugh. Zoe is our comedian and she makes me laugh every day. You would be shocked how fast a little dog with no legs can travel....

or fly...
I am one of the few people in this....dare I say....state, who welcomes squirrels and raccoons into my yard. I have feeders set up for both birds and mammals. Despite the abundance of food on their feeder, the sqirrels still feel the need to climb on my back deck and eat the bird seed in the bird feeders. I have given up trying to discourage them. This is the constant source of torment for Loki and Zoe...and entertainment for me.